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Welcome to Our School

Walk through the gate into the front yard. You find yourself in the midst of children: building, riding bikes, swinging on the tire swing, creating with water and dirt, climbing trees, and some sitting on the grassy hill immersed in their own thoughts. Adults throughout the yard, available for support, if needed.

A parent or staff member greets you and guides you through one of the open doors to the cozy room. As you enter you see a nursing mother with her child sharing a moment on one sofa; on another sofa children are listening to books they have chosen, occasionally interjecting their own comments and questions. Puzzles and blocks are in use on the floor.

Through the connecting door you enter the craft/project room. As you enter you see a cooking plan in progress on one side of the room, on the other end children are creating a puppet show. Craft materials are on the tables and some children are busy glueing, cutting, and painting.

As you continue out the back door, you see painting, impromptu picnics, water play, and dry mixing all in progress. The play structure is a central action spot with its slide, monkey bars, and climbing net, a prime location for plans with pulleys and forts crafted out of sheets. The swings are always a popular vantage point from which children can observe the whole yard.

Completing your circuit you arrive at the entry to the youngest group room where cozy pillows, playdough, makeup, and maybe a doll-washing station are all in use. As you have wandered through school you might have noticed some things that struck you as different from other schools. You probably noticed that there were a lot of adults at school. A minimum of four staff members are always present and each family is required to work at least one day a week in the program. Some children are in diapers, feet are often bare. Children are developing their own plans and ideas, often requesting materials or help from adults to create the child’s own vision or plan. You notice children moving freely throughout the school, and although there are group activities the children are invited to, they are not required to participate.

There are no inside and outside voices at Manhattan Beach Nursery School, only the honest voices of childhood.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us by email or at                 (310) 376-1910, and please feel free to explore our website!

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