2019 Holiday Pop-Up Shop and Makers’ Faire, continues through 11/24, Sunday evening.

Our Holiday Pop-Up Shop and Makers’ Faire will continue for one week online. Again, this is a great opportunity to get some holiday shopping done *and* support your school, with partial proceeds going to MBNS. Sale will end on Sunday, November 24, 2019, at 6pm. (Websites may not represent all that is available for purchase; for most complete information, contact vendors.)

Thank you for considering supporting our school! Each of our fundraisers helps keeps our school beautiful and functional, our wonderful teachers compensated, and supports our never-ending need for more rainbow tape, paint, and paper. 

Susan Odle, BeautyCounter consultant

clean, safe makeup & skincare


Aimee Odle, Doodlebug Dyes

original tie-dye designs


Samantha Gibson, LuLaRoe

beautiful, comfortable clothing for all sizes

contact.mbns@gmail.com for ordering information

Emie Fenton, Practical Magic Apothecary

herbal medicinals


Kate Tatsumi and Luis Zepeda

handmade ceramics


also by Luis Zepeda

Emma Horne, Ahimsa Herbals

Ayurvedic-inspired health and beauty products 


Website does not reflect all available products, which include hair oil, face serum, mouth swish (oil pulling), spritzers (air/body/hair), body oil (for Vata, Pitta, Kapha), golden milk, roll-on aromatherapy (for V, P, K), ghee, scrub, and Ayurvedic herbs (for mind and body health).

Diane Hansen

Crania-Sacral therapy

contact.mbns@gmail.com for ordering information

preventative health measure for a range of medical problems, including migraines, PTSD, stress/tension, learning disabilities, chronic pain, among many others.

Julie Young

handcrafted jewelry

contact.mbns@gmail.com for ordering information

also by Julie Young

Emily Hawkins, Arbonne 

natural beauty and skincare company


Chrysta Powell-Wyse, BeautyCounter


Sponsor a Chemo Care Pouch and support and uplift patients undergoing cancer treatment. Eco-friendly canvas pouches will include Beautycounter Travel Body Butter, Hand Lotion, Mini Face Oil, cozy socks, organic hard candies (to combat a frequent side effect of dry mouth and nausea), and a personal note of encouragement.


Today’s the day! HARVEST FESTIVAL 2019, 2-6pm!

Come decorate pumpkins; enter the raffle drawing for fresh, local harvest bounty; watch live acts (musical, magical); gobble homemade goodies; pet the bunnies; enjoy apple cider tasting 🍏🍎; get your face painted ; play games; and MORE!

Facing future.

All photos originally appeared on our Instagram page. 

Summer is upon us, and what a year it has been, of witnessing the children create, make, build, knock down, pulley, swing, lift, drop, climb up, climb down, slide, tie rope, tie fabric, put on, take off, run, skip, whisper, yell, smell, taste, serve, share, hold space, squish, smash, wash, brush, paint, pour, fill, rinse, draw, apply, attach, sprinkle, dig, rake, sweep, gather, sing, read, tape, glue, cut, draw, write, get muddy, get wet, get dry, get muddy (again), climb, stack, push, choose, invite, ask why and what and how, explain, grow, play, learn, change.

This week is the last week of school. This week eight bright souls will be graduating to the next stage of their education; we will always remember them.

To the current community and prospective families, we offer summer sessions in July and August. For more information, contact mbns.membership@gmail.com.

From the mouth of babes …

Have you checked out our whimsical “Kid Talk” page? In the yards and halls, we so often are tickled to be privy to the fresh ways the children see their world and express themselves.

(Currently enrolled families: we’re always collecting these gems! E-mail them to us, please.)