Kid Talk

W: W— is NOT my name today!
M [adult]: Hmm. What is your name?
W: I don’t KNOW!
M: I have lots of things people have called me. Sometimes people call me Mayumi. Sometimes Mama. When I was a kid people called me Momo. [To S, another child nearby] Do you have any other things people call you?
S: No.
M: How about you, E? [To another child nearby]
E: E—–. Or [gives her full name]. That’s all.
S: [eyes pop bright and wide] OH! One time somebody called me Savage!
D: Hey, KATE! Wanna see how oranges orange-juice?!”
[Scene: Tire swing. Child has his feet on the ground and is swaying with the moving swing, trying to get up on it]
W: I runned, and I runned, and I runned, and I runned, and I runned, and I ruined, and then I jumped, and then I DID IT! 
G: OH NO! The sharks are biting me. AHHH! I’m not a chew toy, sharks!!!
W: I falled, but then I put my hand down. Like this. [Shows adult.] NICE CATCH!”
[after repeatedly yelling DAD! and having to wait because said dad was holding her baby sister and helping another child get a snack]
M: Ughh. My dad really has a different sense of schedule than I do.
J: “NO SHOES, because animals in the jungle don’t wear shoes.”
M: I study bugs. That’s why I’ve got a magnifying glass in my bag.
E: I study bugs, too!
M: Yeah, but you’re in a different department.
L to C: “This is our invisible plane. Get in!”
K to Carol [adult]: Can you hold my feather while I bike? Be careful! Don’t let it fly away!
M [adult]: I like your necklace.
E: It’s NOT a necklace. It’s actually called an “omu-lette.”
Q to Y [adult]: Can you hold this [quesadilla] while I fly?
W: PHHHT! Oh, thank you for the FART! Hahahahaha!
E: I need shells and play sand. Because I haven’t been to the beach in a long time, and I really miss it. 
M to D: Are you gonna be there when your baby is born, or is your mom having it in the hospital?
D: I don’t know. I hope it’s born during the day so I can be there!
M: Oh, I got news for you. They’re always born during the day.
J: Do I look scared?
M [adult]: I see your body is shaking.
J: Yes. I can do that. I can make my body pretend to be scared.
Big W to little W: “Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT! Anything you want to do! BLACK HOLE!”
Little W: “Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT. ORANGE HOLE!!!”


Carol [adult] was reading a book to D and J:

C: “…and  these spiders rarely bite people.”
C: “Oh, so I wonder what spiders have venom?”
D: “Wait, Venom or Venmo?!”


J: “Guys! Huddle up! Listen. No complaining in this game!”


W: “Carol!”

M [adult]: “That’s not Carol. That’s another mama. Her name is [–]. But she does have a red hat just like Carol.

W: “Oh.” [thinks about this for a minute] “Hey! Maybe they’re a FAMILY!”


W: “MOOM! I’m track-dead!”

M [adult]: “What? Track-dead?”

W: “I’m track-dead by the chair!!”

M: “Oh! You’re trapped?”

J: “But you’re not trapped, really. Just swing your legs around and then you can get out the other side!”


S: “J—, I’m sorry I said you couldn’t play with my plan.”

J: “I’m sorry I said that too. It was just a joke. We’re best friends, right?”

S: “Right.”


R: “You want to know how to walk in a tree?”

T [adult]: “Yes, I’d love to!”

R: “You just … move your feet. Like M– is doing. Go slow, and be careful not to fall!”


S: “You know what agua means?”

J: “No.”

S: “Water.”

J: “Is that Spanish?”

S: “Yes.”


M: “I am having an *experience* with glue!”


Scene: Two children, working with balls of baking soda and pipettes of vinegar.

S: “It’s like clay!”

J: “Yeah! But it’s just one step MUSHIER.”


L: “Can you take off my shoe?”

W: “Sorry, I cannot. I’m too busy spying on a ghost.”


H [swinging on the tire swing and standing on one foot]: “I feel like a wild horseman!”  “I’ve been having one hundred dreams about this!”

R to W: “Are you Hawaiian or a carnivore?”