Kid Talk

W: “MOOM! I’m track-dead!”

M: “What? Track-dead?”

W: “I’m track-dead by the chair!!”

M: “Oh! You’re trapped?”

J: “But you’re not trapped, really. Just swing your legs around and then you can get out the other side!”


S: “J—, I’m sorry I said you couldn’t play with my plan.”

J: “I’m sorry I said that too. It was just a joke. We’re best friends, right?”

S: “Right.”


R: “You want to know how to walk in a tree?”

T: “Yes, I’d love to!”

R: “You just … move your feet. Like M– is doing. Go slow, and be careful not to fall!”


S: “You know what agua means?”

J: “No.”

S: “Water.”

J: “Is that Spanish?”

S: “Yes.”


M: “I am having an *experience* with glue!”


Two children, working with balls of baking soda and pipettes of vinegar.

S: “It’s like clay!”

J: “Yeah! But it’s just one step MUSHIER.”


L: “Can you take off my shoe?”

W: “Sorry, I cannot. I’m too busy spying on a ghost.”


H [swinging on the tire swing and standing on one foot]: “I feel like a wild horseman!”  “I’ve been having one hundred dreams about this!”

R to W: “Are you Hawaiian or a carnivore?”