Facing future.

All photos originally appeared on our Instagram page. 

Summer is upon us, and what a year it has been, of witnessing the children create, make, build, knock down, pulley, swing, lift, drop, climb up, climb down, slide, tie rope, tie fabric, put on, take off, run, skip, whisper, yell, smell, taste, serve, share, hold space, squish, smash, wash, brush, paint, pour, fill, rinse, draw, apply, attach, sprinkle, dig, rake, sweep, gather, sing, read, tape, glue, cut, draw, write, get muddy, get wet, get dry, get muddy (again), climb, stack, push, choose, invite, ask why and what and how, explain, grow, play, learn, change.

This week is the last week of school. This week eight bright souls will be graduating to the next stage of their education; we will always remember them.

To the current community and prospective families, we offer summer sessions in July and August. For more information, contact mbns.membership@gmail.com.