Family Participation

Manhattan Beach Nursery School is a family participation co-operative and, more importantly, a community that works together in loving service to the children and one another. As such, MBNS operates largely through the volunteer efforts of each of our member families. Member participation responsibilities include: Participation Day, Family Job, Families Tending to School, Fundraising, Shared Snack, and Adult Education Meetings

Participation Day — One member 18 years of age or older from each family is responsible to work at school directly with the children in an assigned post one day per week beginning at 8:45am (9:15am in Summer) and ending when the job is complete sometime after the end of school (school ends at 12 noon) and adults are typically at their post until 12:15pm. Participation day assignments are made at the beginning of the school year (or at the time a member family enrolls) and may be one of the following: Front Yard, Back Yard, Fern Room, Piano Room, or Cozy Kitchen.

Family Job — Each family is assigned a job, some of which include a position on the board. These jobs are vital to the day-to-day business of running MBNS and are assigned at the time of enrollment.

Families Tending To School — Each family is required to complete 6 hours of school maintenance work each semester (2 hours during each Session of Summer school).

Fundraising — Fundraising activities are held throughout the school year and each family is responsible for participating in each fundraising activity.

Shared Snack — During the regular school year, families provide group snack on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on a rotating basis.

Adult Education Meetings — There are several types of meetings that family members are expected to attend during the school year.