I feel such a loving and deep connection to Manhattan Beach Nursery School. I attended as a child and remember spending hours and hours creating art, reading with my mom, riding bikes, playing with my friends, and mixing materials in the back yard till I was covered in a fine layer of different powders.” MBNS was a place where my plans could unfold organically without direction or being rushed, and I love to watch that continue today. I’ve worked with children all my life; I love hanging out with them and the pure joy they express while playing is magical.

Although I graduated from MBNS in 1997, my mom returned to the community to begin teaching; in 2010, she became the current director. Since I was homeschooled, I had the freedom to go to school with her and help set up the classroom and play around with the kids. I started teaching at MBNS in 2014 while simultaneously taking classes at Santa Monica College; in 2016, I took a brief sabbatical to get my BFA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

I returned to the community in 2017 I now teach the oldest group and it’s the most fulfilling experience of my life. I love bringing my art background to helping creating curriculum for the children.
MBNS is a little slice of heaven, and I believe that the model we use at MBNS of child-led play and open-ended art is truly amazing to watch and vital to learning. I feel so lucky to be part of this community.